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Benefits of Custom Designed T-Shirts for Marketing

Whether you’re a local mechanic seeking a boost in business or a musician promoting your latest show, it’s great marketing practice to have a custom T-shirt ready to give away or sell. A T-shirt with great custom art announces to the world who you are and what you do.

Display Your Unique Identity

At Futile Mfg, we’ve helped clients as diverse as record stores, mechanics, app development teams, and concert promoters design and print custom T-shirts. There’s nothing like a catchy logo to draw attention to your business and make you stick in people’s minds.

We’re willing to work with you whatever your creative vision: professional or irreverent, polished or DIY. Check out our Instagram to see the variety of designs we’ve helped create.

Print Large Batches to Give Away at Events

Matching T-shirts not only encourage a sense of team spirit, they’re also great to give away at events. If you can get people to walk around wearing your logo in their daily lives, you’ve just gained a huge opportunity to attract new customers. Nothing beats free advertising, and so nothing beats a custom T-shirt that people will want to wear.

Cheap and Easy to Produce

Screen printing is cheap and allows for large batches of T-shirts to be created at once. Even better, it’s easy to keep the stencil for your design in storage, or even make a new one. If you sell out your stock, printing another batch is a simple task.

Call or pay us a visit if you have a custom logo for your business that you’d like to print on a T-shirt. If you’re in need of graphic design, our skilled design team will be happy to realize your vision. Come to Futile Mfg. for custom screen printed T-shirts in Long Beach and across the Los Angeles metro area.