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Onsite or “LIVE” Screen Printing

When most people think of printing, they think of an office printer or a copy machine. They assume that the kind of printing done on T-shirts, souvenirs, etc. takes place in a factory with massive automated machines doing all the work. They don’t realize that screen printing can be done on demand and on location at your next event.

People’s jaws drop when they see screen printing done in front of them. It’s a great way to add that extra “wow factor” to an event. Futile Mfg. offers live and onsite screen printing for many different kinds of events in locations across southern California from Los Angeles to Orange County.

Onsite Screen Printing for Any Event

Whether you’re hosting a brand launch, product promotion, movie screening, or music festival, onsite screen printing is a great way to give guests a unique memento and experience. Onsite screen printed T-shirts are a popular option, but if you have another creative suggestion like totes, posters, or koozies, we’ll work with you to make your live screen printing idea happen.

Customize One-of-a-Kind Garments

For live screen printing, we’ll work with you to determine exactly what you want to print before the event. In special circumstances, though, we can offer onsite customization. With the help of the on-site screen printer, guests will be able to create one-of-a-kind garments from a pre-determined set of designs and logos. If this option interests you, let us know.

Onsite screen printing always draws a crowd. It’s a great way to involve your guests in the creative process, and get an up close experience of the screen printing process. Contact Futile Mfg. if you’re interested in “live” onsite screen printing in Los Angeles, Long Beach, or Orange County areas.