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Preparing Artwork for Screen Printing

Do you have custom artwork you’d like to see on a T-shirt or poster? Subvert City specializes in custom designs that can be screen printed in large batches. We can use your custom artwork, or if you need design help, our skilled team can work with you to execute your vision.

Either way, there are a few steps involved in preparing artwork for screen printing.

Making a Stencil

Whether you want to print just a handful or hundreds of items, we will need to make a stencil of your artwork. You can give us your artwork either as a digital file or on paper, which we will then scan into the computer. Please be aware, however, there will be art fees associated with the time required to prepare your artwork for screen printing.

One method of creating a screen printing stencil is to print the artwork on a transparency, then “burn” it into the surface of the mesh screen using ultraviolet light and dried photo polymer called “emulsion”. This process results in a negative image of the artwork, which can be used to print one color of your screen printing design. This screen can even be “reclaimed” or recycled by scrubbing it with detergent and emulsion remover, then used again for another design.

Choosing the Right Colors

Screen printing only prints one color per pass, so we will need to create multiple stencils for each color in your artwork. The more colors you use, the more complex and costly the printing process will be. See our pricing chart, which details the cost involved for multiple colors. Whatever your vision, we’re willing to work with you, from monochrome art to complex, colorful designs.

Bring your custom artwork to Futile Mfg, or take advantage of our in-house design services. Subvert City offers custom screen printed posters and T-shirts in Long Beach, Orange County, Huntington Beach, Cerritos, Compton, San Pedro and the entire Los Angeles metro area.